Heat your outdoor living space with one of these garden Chimeneas from well known and reputable online retailers in the UK. Outdoor Living & Garden selection of Chimeneas ideas include cast iron chimeneas, steel chimeneas and clay chimeneas.

Chimenea sometimes spelt Chiminea, is a front loading wooden burning fireplace typically with a round body with a vent or chimney and commonly used as a garden heater and oven. They provide a gradual heat for long periods which makes it perfect for relaxing outdoors on a cool night. Chimeneas originates from Mexico where it was used to provide heat as well as a vessel cooking. In modern times, Chimeneas are seen as a popular decorative garden ornaments and comes in a range of styles, materials and sizes.

Types of Outdoor Chimeneas

Chimeneas can be purchased in a variety of materials such as clay, cast iron, steel or aluminium. Traditional Mexican Chimeneas are made from clay which retains heat for long periods. More contemporary chimeneas are made from cast iron, steel and aluminium. Steel and Cast iron chimrneas are more expensive than clay but they require less maintenance.

Firewood Kindling
£1.00 from
Manor Adora Cast Iron Chiminea
£54.95 from Philip Morris & Son
Gardeco Large Chimenea Cover
£10.99 from Selections
Manor Lucio Medium Cast Iron Chiminea
£70.95 from Philip Morris & Son
Manor Manfredo XL Cast Iron Chiminea
£99.95 from Philip Morris & Son
Squat Chimenea Pewter
£50.00 from
Wilko Firelighters x 14
£0.50 from
Wilko Firelog 800g
£1.00 from
Chiminea Cover by Gardman
£9.99 from Selections
Tower Chiminea
£69.99 from Selections
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